Part 2- Rod Gets Eviction Notice for Asking Realestate To Fix Fence

Kurnell dans le comté de Sutherland, à Sydney

Sydney Metropolitan Area

Rod is one of 10,713 private renters in Bankstown Local Government Area and nearly 500,000 private renters in Sydney metropolitan area, according ABS figures published by NSW Housing. And, like many private renters, Rod has a unique story to tell. 

Rod has paid his rent on time for seven years. He has paid all the seven rent increases too, and “happily”, he says. But, every time Rod asked for a needed repair to the house, it hit deaf ears. The landlord has made only 2 out of 12 crucial repairs in seven years, says Rod.

Finally, the landlord had enough. When Rod lodged the last in a series of requests get fixed the over 50-year-old fence which fell and left him with no security, the landlord hit him with a baseless eviction notice.  



About Eleganza M

Simply, a journalist, MA student, mother and caring member of society seeking social justice and the Truth.
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